Kenyan Staff

Janet International volunteering program director

Janet Olang’

Program Director

Janet oversees all of our operation in Kenya. Janet has been with our Kenyan Staff from the beginning. Currently she is overseeing the construction of our Kitale Kenya orphanage building project. She is usually the person that picks up our international volunteers from the airport and she is the host for all of our volunteers in Kitale. We have built a home on Janet’s property to specifically house our international volunteers. Also, there will be rooms in the Kitale Kenya orphanage specifically for housing volunteers.

Paulyne International volunteering program transportation

Paulyne Ayieko

Housing & Transportation in Nairobi

Paulyne also picks up our international volunteers from the airport and she will be your host in Nairobi your first night. Paulyne’s home is located about 15 minutes from the airport and hosts our volunteers after their long journey to Kenya. Generally volunteers will stay with Paulyne for one night before traveling to Kitale. Paulyne has also been a part of our Kenyan staff from the beginning.

Kate international volunteering program assistant

Kate Owuor


Kate helps Janet with the day-to-day activities in Kitale. There is a lot of thing that need to be done each day and Kate it the person we turn to for help. She also helps our international volunteers get around Kitale, so if you are volunteering and have questions about sightseeing she would be the person to ask. Kate became a part of our Kenyan staff in 2012.

Johnston international volunteering grounds keeper

Johnston Simiyu

Property Manager & Watchman

Johnston is our property manager and watchman who lives on our compound with his wife. Together they oversee the construction to our Kitale orphanage and keep the compound safe from theft. Johnston is very hard working and enjoys meeting new people from around the world. If you decide to become one of our international volunteers in Kenya, you will get to meet Johnston and his wife and experience their amazing hospitality. Johnston became a part of our Kenyan staff in 2012.