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“Building future generations of strong,

intelligent, and independent individuals starts

with a strong foundation during childhood”

– Wesley Barnes



Featured Volunteers

Lisa Mackay and Adele Mackay recently volunteered with us in Kitale Kenya. This mother daughter team did an amazing job. Lisa, who is a nurse practitioner in the U.K. spent time teaching about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and also provided check-ups for the children. Lisa also help at a local clinic near the orphanage. Adele spent her time teaching on various subject at the primary school and working with her mom when providing check-ups.

After returning to the U.K., Lisa and Adele started sponsoring Perita Nanjala and Kevin Wanjala. “Perita stole my heart with her courageous determination to live her life to the max despite her illness and Kevin made me realise how important it is to give children time and hope” – Lisa Mackay.

During Lisa and Adele’s time in Kenya, we learned Perita Nanjala has been suffering from a heart condition. This July and August we will be seeking treatment options for Perita and will update everyone on her condition.

To Lisa & Adele:

Thank you for being such amazing volunteers!

Volunteer in Kenya or Uganda

Leave Your Mark on the World!


Laying a Foundation of hope, stability, and opportunity for children living in harsh conditions due to abandonment, while giving the global community the ability to leave their mark on the world through our international volunteer programs.


Volunteer programs for Kenya include helping at an orphanage or helping teach in a local primary school.

Orphanage Program Teaching Program



If accepted to volunteer in Uganda, you will be helping with different projects or areas of need for the orphanage and/or it’s community.

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Sponsorship Program

It only take 1 person to shape the future

Only one sponsor per-child is allowed, which provides the sponsor and the child being sponsored the opportunity to get to know one another.

Communication is Key to Success!

Communication between the sponsor and child being sponsored is encouraged. Each sponsor will be provided with the contact details and mailing address of the orphanage.

We rise by lifting others

Our hope is for sponsors get to know the child they support and through that connection, each child will receive hope and inspiration that will lead to a brighter future.

Abandoned Children’s Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteers have many questions before signing up to volunteer overseas. Our frequently asked questions can help answer some of them. Even after you have booked your tickets, applied for your visa, and decided what to pack, more questions will come up.

Do not worry. We will be with you the entire time to answer your questions. You will also be able to contact our program director in Kenya (Janet Olang) before you travel. You can talk with her to learn more about what to expect and become acquainted with her before your arrival. Usually, she will be the person to greeting you at the airport and traveling with you to Kitale.


Is there a minimum age requirement?


Yes. You must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Do I require a visa to travel to Kenya?


Visas are required for almost everyone visiting Kenya. Kenya has started a new online Visa process in an effort to reduce lines at the airport, collect fees online, and know who will be entering Kenya before they arrive on a flight into Nairobi.

To learn more about Kenya’s online visa process, visit our blog titled “Kenyan Visa, Airport Arrival, and Luggage Collection Nairobi”

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Do I need to be able to speak the local language?


No, the national language in Kenya is English. However, there are many Kenyans that only speak Swahili and their tribal language. This should not affect you. The people you will be volunteering with will be able to translate on your behalf if needed.

Where can I find additional FAQs?



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